SIMDOS 10 Laboratory Dosing & Metering Pump
Simdos 10 diaphragm liquid dosing pump

SIMDOS® 10 Laboratory Dosing & Metering Pump

KNF proudly presents the SIMDOS® 10 diaphragm dosing pump - ideal for laboratory bench applications.

Bigger brother to the KNF SIMDOS® 02 lab dosing pump, the SIMDOS® 10 transfers liquids with a flow rate of 1-100mL/min, and dose volumes of 1 mL up to 999 mL. In addition to its intuitive operation and user-friendly LED display, the SIMDOS® 10 laboratory dosing pump offers several programmable settings including a "cycle mode" for enhanced control. All this plus much more in a sleek, space-saving product design.

On the inside, the SIMDOS® 10 lab pump is fitted with a special PTFE head, a PTFE-coated diaphragm, and chemically resistant FFKM Kalrez® valves. Alternatively, the SIMDOS® 10 can be equipped with an optional Chemraz®-valve kit, enabling safe transfer of highly concentrated, extremely acidic liquids including: nitric, sulphuric, and hydrochloric acids as well as powerful solvents such as TFH, DMF, DMSO and MEK.

Smart in operation, and sleek in design KNF SIMDOS® 10 and SIMDOS® 02 diaphragm dosing pumps provide safe, precise transfer of even the most aggressive liquids - helping to counter the challenges of daily lab work in adjustable doses.  Contact a Lab Applications Specialist for a quote and/or a demo.


Product Features:


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  • 1-999 mL dosing volumes
  • 1-100 mL/min flow rate
  • Simple, intuitive operation
  • Quick and easy calibration
  • Adjustable transfer parameters
  • Adaptable to fluid characteristics
  • Self-priming up to 9.8 ft. water
  • Safe to run dry
  • Effective against pressures of up to 85 psig
  • Various control options
  • Slim, splash-proof IP-65 housing
  • Whisper-quiet operation



SIMDOS 10 Datasheet

SIMDOS 10 Operating Manual

SIMDOS 10 Accessories

Lab Liquid Pumps Brochure

SIMDOS Operating Software & Drivers


SIMDOS 10 Press Release

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SIMDOS 10 diaphragm dosing pump is ideal for food technology research and similar applications


Fields of Application:

  • Chemistry
  • Synthetic organic chemistry
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Adhesives and glue
  • Polymers and polymer coating
  • Food and beverage technology/research
  • Detergents