KNF Pump Sales and Distribution


I. Pumps and Systems for Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM), and Process Engineering Applications

KNF OEM pumps and systems, and Industrial/Process Engineering pumps and systems are sold exclusively via direct sales from KNF Neuberger Inc. KNF Neuberger, Inc. does not utilize 3rd party distribution to sell its OEM or Process pumps, nor does KNF officially endorse any 3rd party re-sellers of OEM or Process pumps, pump parts, repairs or maintenance. If you would like more information or wish to speak to a KNF Sales Associate about purchasing a KNF OEM or Process product, please contact us.


II. Pumps and Systems for Laboratory Bench Applications

KNF Lab pumps and systems are sold both via direct sales from KNF Neuberger Inc., and through a wide network of scientific and laboratory products distributors. For more information, or to purchase a KNF Lab product, please contact us or reach out to one of the authorized KNF Lab Distributors.