Customer Testimonials

Smart, hard-working people across the globe rely on KNF for durable, high quality gas and liquid pumps, and innovative, custom-engineered solutions across a wide range of applications. Some customers are excited to share their experiences with us, and we are happy to listen. A few of the responses we've received are listed below. We're not bragging, we're just honored that our customers love our pumps as much as we love making them.   LAB Customers   |   OEM Customers   |   Process Customers

Laboratory Customer Testimonials:

LABOPORT vacuum pumps for laboratory applications
LABOPORT pumps offer exceptional reliability and performance year after year.

  • LABOPORT Pumps Have Lasted Three Times Longer Than Any Other Pump We Have Used

    Patrick Bureau, Research Developer | Aegera Therapeutics, Inc. | Canada

    "Our research is concerned with finding and synthesizing novel therapeutics for various cancers. We routinely extract compounds in corrosive, organic solvents and pump them under vacuum to obtain the pure molecules. As such, a high performance pump is an essential tool. "Previously, we used oil-lubricated pumps, but these needed significant amounts of maintenance due to corrosive solvents mixing with the oil. We had heard that KNF manufactured a chemically-resistant pump that needed less maintenance and that held the vacuum seal better. After two years, the LABOPORT pumps have proved very reliable. In fact, they have lasted three times longer than any other pump we have used."

LABOPORT vaccuum pumps for laboratory applications
LABOPORT pumps offer exceptional reliability and performance year after year.

  • KNF Pumps Run All Day, and They Are Very Easy to Use

    Wolfgang Korinski, Development Manager | Schott Instruments | Mainz, Germany

    "I am responsible for ensuring that all development projects are going well from start to finish. Some of our instruments need a vacuum and a few years ago we chose membrane pumps from KNF for this because they are good quality and are PTFE-coated so can handle the harsh liquids we sometimes need to use. They run all day long and are very easy to use."

    "For one instrument in particular we needed a special input to control the pump and KNF was able to change the pump specifically for this application. I can directly contact the development service at KNF myself and this is very important for me."

LABOPORT vacuum pumps for laboratory applications
LABOPORT pumps offer exceptional reliability and performance year after year.

  • It Was an Easy Decision to Change to KNF LABOPORT Pumps

    Jack Church, Facility Manager | CB Research and Development Inc. | Delaware, USA

    "At that time, the majority of our pumps were a different brand,with only a few from KNF. As facility manager, my team and I are responsible for the maintenance and repair of pumps and we soon noticed that the pumps from the other brand were constantly breaking down, but those from KNF were not. Pumps take some abuse in our laboratories and we had to replace diaphragms and parts of the other pumps almost weekly, but the KNF pumps withstood everything well and the maintenance on them was easy.The difference between the two was as clear as night and day so it was an easy decision to change to all KNF LABOPORT pumps."

LABOPORT vacuum pumps for laboratory applications
LABOPORT pumps offer exceptional reliability and performance year after year.

  • KNF LABOPORT Pumps Are Very Important Components of Our Laboratory System

    Vadim Y. Rygalov, Ph.D. | University of North Dakota, Department of Space Studies | North Dakota, USA

    "My team and I are responsible for studying plant physiology at different levels of total pressure for future green house design and implementation in outer space. KNF LABOPORT pumps are able to provide and maintain acceptable vacuum or atmospheres of different composition precisely for long periods, a necessity in our research. Both portable and easy to operate, KNF pumpsare convenient to use by our undergraduate researchers. Our research is conducted within the Presidential Initiative for New Vision for Space Exploration, which calls for man’s return to the Moon, to go to Mars and then to worlds beyond. In this respect, KNF LABOPORT pumps are very important technical and engineering components of our laboratory system."


LABOPORT vacuum pumps for laboratory applications
LABOPORT pumps offer exceptional reliability and performance year after year.

  • The Department Has Chosen KNF Pumps as the Vacuum Source in All Laboratories

    Allan Hovland, Ph.D.| St. Mary's College of Maryland | Maryland, USA

    Many of the activities in our chemistry laboratories incorporate suction filtration,where water aspirators were used as a vacuum source for years. These aspirators were often unable to provide a reliable low pressure when all the students in the lab needed to complete a filtration. After trying one KNF LABOPORT pump on a trial basis, the department has chosen KNF pumps as the vacuum source in all laboratories. Soon,the chemistry department will be moving into a new 'green' building, where managing water consumption will be a priority. All of our new laboratories will be outfitted with KNF LABOPORT pumps."


LABOPORT vacuum pumps for laboratory applications
LABOPORT pumps offer exceptional reliability and performance year after year.

  • KNF Pumps Are Not Only Very Quiet, They Significantly Increased Our Solvent Recovery Yield

    Dr. Ken Simolo, Scientist | University of Rochester, Department of Chemistry | New York, USA

    "Our wide range of research projects covers the whole spectrum of chemistry and as a result we use a lot of ether. Its fumes are, of course, very soluble and over half would end up down the drain with water aspirators.We needed to find a better method to increase our solvent recovery yield. Based upon conversations with colleagues in university and industrial research laboratories we learned that KNF pumps had a good reputation, and therefore, chose them for our labs. Not only have they proved to be very quiet, but, more importantly, they have helped us to significantly increase our solvent recovery yield to more than 98 percent. These pumps have been extremely well received by both our undergraduate students and our scientific researchers."

Rotary Evaporator RC 900 and Vacuum Pump System SC 950
A Perfect Match: KNF RC 900 Rotary Evaporator (left), with wireless SC 950 Vacuum Pump System

  • Quality of (KNF’s) Pump and Rotary Units are Second to None.

    David Hill, Laboratory Program Director | University of Kansas | Kansas, USA

    "Why do our labs choose KNF? We required a rotary evaporator and vacuum pump that could stand up to the rigors of our Core Research and an Academic Teaching Labs where we evaporate high-boiling-point solutions containing fairly noxious chemicals. Our product research led us to KNF for system reliability and superior technology, including unattended Bluetooth control.

    We have never had a single hardware issue. The quality of the SC 950 vacuum pump system and RC 900 rotary evaporator units are second to none. We also appreciate the Bluetooth vacuum controller because of the added safety and ergonomic benefits, keeping researchers out of the fume hood space.

    In short, KNF’s rotary evaporator and vacuum pump combination sets a high bar, upholding the market standard for all industrial, research, and academic laboratories needing evaporation capabilities".


Bluetooth-Controlled SC 920 Vacuum System
KNF's SC 920 Vacuum Pump System features Bluetooth wireless technology for safe, remote operation.

  • We Have Had Excellent Experiences with KNF and Their Laboratory Pumps

    Dr. Frank Hampel |  University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Department of Chemistry and Pharmacy | Germany

    "We have used pumps from KNF since the mid 1990s and, when we approached the company for more units, they asked us to trial the new remote-controlled SC 920 vacuum pump that was soon to be released. Our laboratory was ideal for rigorous testing, with constant exposure to corrosive solvents and some potentially rough handling from students at all levels. We were already more than happy with our old pumps, which are still going strong, but the new system is even better. The new vacuum mechanism makes it even quieter and even stronger than other pumps, and the controller touchscreen and remote control unit are very easy for students to learn to use. Altogether, we have had excellent experiences with KNF Lab and its pumps. This newest state-of-the-art model is even better and we were first in line to buy it when it became available!"

Alexander is pictured holding a KNF SIMDOS 10 liquid dosing pump.

  • These Pumps Give Me Advantages

    Alexander Bozic, Dipl. Ing. (FH), Lab Manager | SANOFI AVENTIS | Frankfurt, Germany

    I have been using LIQUIPORTS in our laboratory for quite some time now, and have also been involved in the development of the new SIMDOS dosing pump. These pumps are based on the diaphragm technology and give me some advantages which I would like to describe. Because the diaphragm pumps are available with a PTFE diaphragm and a variety of head materials, they have a very high level chemical resistance and thus can handle a wide range of chemicals. This allows me more flexibility than with a peristaltic pump.

    Further advantages when compared with a peristaltic pump are the favorable pulsation characteristics and the clearly higher operating pressure capability. On inspection of the maintenance intervals, it becomes clear that these are much longer for a diaphragm pump than the recommended lifetimes of the tubes for a peristaltic pump.

    In general, the bearings of many peristaltic pumps are not fully enclosed, making them susceptible to corrosion. As is often the case, the tubes break and contaminate the bearings. This leads to premature bearing failure, an expensive repair. In the case of the diaphragm pumps, only the liquid can come into contact with the head parts.

    Finally, peristaltic pumps which cover the same flow range, are much bigger and heavier than the equivalent diaphragm pump.

The Process Analytics division of Mettler-Toledo, recently purchased two KNF liquid pumps for in-house manufacturing purposes.

  • Our LIQUIPORT Pumps Work Brilliantly

    Thomas Würtz, System Engineer | Mettler-Toledo, Process Analytics Division | Germany

    "The machine in question has a working life of eight to ten years, with the pumps working several hours each day, providing continuous flow of liquids between different baths, so durability is a very important factor. We had used KNF pumps for other projects and were happy with their robustness and longevity so, when two of the four original pumps failed after just two years, we replaced them with the LIQUIPORT pumps."

    "Another useful feature is that the LIQUIPORT pumps have electronic control of the flow rate, whereas the original pumps could only be adjusted mechanically. KNF was also able to modify the pumps specifically for us so that our pumps restart automatically as soon as the whole machine is started." Mr Würtz concluded: "We will almost certainly buy more LIQUIPORTS to replace the other two original pumps in the machine. "

Dr. Alexander Scherer

  • Our Experience with KNF Lab Pump Systems Has Been Great

    Dr. Alexander Scherer, Chair of Organic Chemistry | Friedrich-Alexander Universitat Erlangen | Nuremberg, Germany

    "Our experience with KNF Lab pump systems has been great, and we were happy to test the rotary evaporator. We exposed the RC 900 to real laboratory conditions, such as corrosive and aggressive solvents, and made further suggestions on how to make the system even easier to operate. KNF Lab took these suggestions on board and the result is a high-performance system that features a user-friendly, intuitive touch screen and automated functions which really make life easier, helping guarantee highly efficient and safe operation. We are delighted to be one of the first laboratories to buy one."

OEM Customer Testimonials:

Horace is pictured with a KNF diaphragm sampling pump - perfect for emissions monitoring.

  • My KNF Pump Has Run Continuously for Seven Years

    Horace Coleman, I&C Technician | ODEC Power Generation Facility | Virginia, USA

    "I have been responsible for our site's emissions equipment for seven years, and I have replaced many of the components in our system. However, I have never had an issue with my KNF pump. The unit has run continuously for the seven years I have been the technician...and a year before that...before recently requiring a replacement diaphragm. I would, and expect to use and recommend, KNF equipment moving forward in my career."

Dennis is pictured with a KNF N 035 pump - a reliable workhorse in the semiconductor industry.

  • What Impressed Me About the KNF Pump Was That it Had Run 24/7 Year After Year

    Dennis Elvin, Sr. Assistant Equipment Engineer | Fairchild Semiconductor | Maine, USA

    "At first I thought that writing a testimonial about a failed item wouldn't even get considered for publication, but then I figured that after being in the Semiconductor Maintenance field for nearly 29 years I've pretty much seen it all and STUFF just happens, and parts wear. What impressed me about the KNF diaphragm pump was that it had run 24/7 year after year for nearly 5 years before I needed to do anything with it. It was a very quick and easy repair to get right back into production. Now that's what I like! My vote goes to KNF for an outstanding product! Dennis uses KNF's N035 diaphragm pump, a reliable workhorse in the semiconductor industry."

Jenna is pictured with a brushless DC-powered pump which provides thousands of hours of service in harsh conditions.

  • KNF is Quick to Respond with Helpful Information

    Jenna Rapai, Micrometeorological Technician | University of Manitoba, Department of Soil Science | Canada

    "I have always found KNF pumps to be competitively priced and reliable. As a company, KNF is quick to respond with helpful information. They really listen to my question and respond with helpful information tailored to my specific application. Many of the projects I work on require the 24hr dedicated use of one or more pumps year round in some pretty harsh environments.

    When I needed to replace a pump from another company that was not up to the standard we needed, I contacted KNF. Not only did purchasing pumps from KNF cost less than half the price of the original pump, but the spare parts kits are cheaper as well. Additionally, being in a remote area, using KNF had a two-fold benefit: First, KNF pumps are compact and light weight, but still provide plenty of power. One person can easily carry one or two pumps at a time. Second, installing the new KNF pumps was easy to do, requiring no specialized tools or formal training. This meant that I was able to get the system back up and running with little delay. "

Process Customer Testimonials:

Joe is pictured in his workshop holding two KNF heated-head sampling pumps.

  • KNF Products and Support Are Tops...Thanks For All You Do

    Joe Guthrie works as a Repair Tech at Spectrum Systems Inc. in Pensacola FL.

    "KNF pump products and support are tops in the North American pump market. Our experience is in the gas stack sample and laboratory pumps of several different models. KNF is responsive to requests for extraordinary parts support and unusual requests for technical background information.  Thanks for all you do."