Pump Applications

As technology leader, KNF enables design engineers to create high-quality systems and devices across multiple industries. Combined with our history of precision production, we understand and anticipate the needs of each customer and every environment our pumps will perform in.


Gas and liquid pumps for use in installations. Based on a modular system, these pumps can easily be customized for use in customer-specific applications in medical devices, environmental sample collection, printing, analytical instruments, and many more.

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Pumps and systems for general laboratory uses including: vacuum ovens, rotary evaporation, filtration, dosing/metering, desiccation, and gel drying. Interchangeable chemically-resistant components may be available for aggressive gases and liquids .

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Purpose-developed diaphragm pumps for industrial, pilot plant, and research applications. These pumps are suitable for hazardous locations, high media temperatures, precious, dangerous or corrosive gases, and offer the highest flow-rate of any electrically-driven diaphragm pump.

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