Laboratory Applications

KNF laboratory liquid pumps and vacuum pump systems give you complete control over a wide variety of lab applications. Our chemically-resistant diaphragm pumps can handle even the most aggressive of solvents while providing strong flow, precise vacuum control, and excellent solvent recovery.
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KNF LABOPORT® pumps feature a strong vacuum, chemical resistance, and an oil-free design - ideal for laboratory research or academic labs.

Application Note: How to Select a Pump for Rotary Evaporation

KNF's line of Rotary Evaporators are designed to impress thanks to their distinct handling advantages, clever functional details, and advanced safety features.


The high performance and convenience of KNF pumps and systems make them an excellent choice for most centrifugal concentration applications.



KNF offers a full-line of portable, oil-free diaphragm pumps with models specifically suited for vacuum degassing of compounds.


The KNF LABOPORT® Filtration series pumps feature a compact, quiet, reliable design and maintenance-free operation- ideal for flask filtration, vacuum blotting or vacuum manifolds.

For solid phase extraction applications, KNF offers a compete line of robust, two-stage pumps with accurate vacuum control.

Fluid Aspiration

KNF laboratory pumps provide reliable low pressure and accurate control for sensitive or powerful liquid aspirations and suction filtration. Moreover, KNF diaphragm vacuum pumps offer an environmentally-friendly, cost-effective alternative to water aspirators.

Application Note: Water Aspirators: Cheap Pumps with Environmental Impact and High Operating Costs

Gel Drying

Used for a variety of applications including rotary evaporation and gel drying, researchers find KNF's versatile LABOPORT® vacuum pump to be quiet and sturdy- even when continuously running corrosive solvents.

Metering and transferring liquids

When you need to move liquids quickly and accurately, KNF liquid pumps can keep things clean and simple in your lab. KNF SIMDOS® 02 and SIMDOS® 10 dosing pumps feature intuitive programmable controls, precision, and reliability.

With its LIQUIPORT® pump series, KNF offers a range of easy-to-use laboratory transfer pumps with chemically resistant materials to safely convey virtually any type of liquid.

Vacuum Ovens

KNF LABOPORT® vacuum pumps are ideal for use with all brands of vacuum ovens and filtration devices. Quiet, sturdy, and built to last, KNF vacuum pumps have a reputation for their low maintenance, quality design.

Multi-User Vacuum Systems

KNF offers inexpensive, space-saving solutions for supplying vacuum to different laboratory applications. Innovative vacuum pump systems provide strong flow, precise vacuum control, and excellent solvent recovery. Wireless control options are also available for enhanced safety.

The VC 900 vacuum controller is a powerful, versatile control unit that easily integrates with any diaphragm vacuum pump or house vacuum source.

In addition to the list of applications above, we have experience in many other fields and specialize in custom projects.

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