Process Pump Applications

KNF oil-free, industrial process pumps meet discerning engineers' requirements for robust and contamination-free performance under the most challenging and corrosive conditions. We manufacture durable, specialized pumps for standard or hazardous industrial applications.

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Chemical & Process Industry (CPI)

Gas flow rate to 300 L/m and liquid flow rates to 6 L/m; pump features include: high-corrosion resistance, hazardous location compliance to NEC or ATEX, high media temperatures, double safety diaphragms, or VFD/speed control.

Case Study: Safe, Gas-Tight Transfer of Dangerous/Expensive Media


KNF pumps serve rugged fossil fuel applications upstream, midstream, and downstream, as well as process monitoring for the nuclear industry. Moreover, KNF industrial pumps are a popular choice for mining, generation and transmission processes, and emerging technologies such as solar, and fuel cell.

Case Study: Custom Sampling Pump Provides Performance, Safety with Natural Gas


KNF pumps provide reliable transfer of hot, wet, or corrosive combustion gas to analysis equipment for development and certification of engines and vehicles.


Universities and laboratories appreciate KNF's ability to modify constructions to meet their unique yet demanding performance requirements.

Continuous Emissions Monitoring

From robust pumps ideal for the transfer of hot, wet, or corrosive gases from the stack; to a bench of gas composition analyzers.

Video: KNF Process pumps for critical, challenging industrial conditions.

In addition to the list of applications above, we have experience in many other fields, and specialize in custom- engineered pumps and systems.

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