The KNF Leitbild Culture

The KNF LEITBILD describes how we want to see our group operate, and how we can achieve this in our daily work. It is about developing our bio-cybernetic model into a learning company.

KNF LEITBILD positions us in the market, signals our collective values and offer a reference point for our interactions with one another, with customers and with business associates. It provides the impulse for our business strategy, generates an enthusiasm for creative solutions and points toward our sustained success.

Who we are

We are a family business with an international presence and a tradition of imaginative engineering.

Our understanding of quality

Whenever we interface with our customers, there is KNF-quality: innovative products, qualified consulting, first class service, a friendly approach, smooth business processes, and a well-organized worldwide network.

The shape of our internal cooperation

We foster an atmosphere of trust for creativity, job satisfaction and accountability.

How we perform a customer role in working with businesses associated with us

We choose our business associates carefully with a view to long-term collaboration for our mutual success.

Our contribution to society

We acknowledge local and global responsibility.

This is how we innovate

Innovation for us means doing new things, doing things differently, or ceasing to do something all together.


What do our principles mean in practice? The "33 Fundamentals" of The KNF Way provide the answer.


The KNF Way

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