Safer Transfer of Liquids and Gases

Gas and Liquid Pumps for Hazardous Media and Locations (NEC Class 1)

KNF corrosion-resistant process pumps with explosion-proof motors offer safe solutions for handling aggressive gas or liquid media in hazardous locations (HAZLOC). Ideal for safety-critical applications, these durable diaphragm gas and liquid pumps feature UL and CSA approved, explosion-proof motors compliant for NEC Class 1: Division 1, Groups C & D, and Division 2: Groups A, B, C, D. Additionally, KNF offers ATEX-approved liquid and gas pumps for the transport of flammable/explosive media in hazardous locations.


NEC-Compliant (HAZLOC) Gas Pumps

  • Flow: up to 300 L/min
  • Pressure: up to 176 psig
  • Vacuum: down to 29.86 inHg

NEC-Compliant (HAZLOC) Liquid Pumps

  • Flow: up to 6 L/min
  • Pressure: up to 88 psig
  • Suction: 10 ft H20


ATEX-Compliant Gas Pumps

  • Flow: up to 220 L/min
  • Pressure: up to 58 psig
  • Vacuum: down to 29.74 inHg
N 035.3 STI Ex Process Pump for Explosive Gas
N 035.3 STI Ex Process Gas Pump
NF 1.300 Process Pump for Flammable Liquid
NF 1.300 Process Liquid Pump

Application-Specific Performance

KNF's modular design, combined with a wide selection of available materials and accessories, enables straightforward, cost-effective customization for process pumps - making them well suited for a number of applications and industries.


Notable Applications  

Popular Industries

Available Accessories

Available Materials

  • Gas analysis
  • Evacuation 
  • Transfer 
  • Compression
  • Recirculation
  • Sampling

  • Chemical
  • Mining/Energy
  • Hydrocarbon Processing  
  • Plastics
  • Petroleum
  • Automotive

  • Finishes and coatings
  • Shock/vibration isolators  
  • Effective soundproofing
  • Custom mounting plates
  • Leak tight performance

  • Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel
  • Polypropylene
  • PVDF
  • Neoprene
  • FFPM
  • Ceramic

Process Pump Specifications

KNF diaphragm gas and liquid pumps offer high performance and long service life during continuous, heavy-duty operation.



KNF process pumps in several series can achieve flows up to 300 L/min, vacuums to 29.86 in. Hg, and pressures to 176 psig, depending on model. All process pumps are designed to minimize power requirements and reduce costs, perform oil-free (to eliminate media contamination and maintenance), run without wear-prone sliding seals, and incorporate precision ball bearings for optimized reliability.

Users may choose from 3 head configurations (single-stage for moderate performance, two-stage for deeper vacuum, and parallel-head for higher flow), as well as various combinations of materials and coatings to realize application-specific benefits. KNF also offers gas process pump models which are ATEX-compliant and certified in accordance with the 94/9/EC directive on equipment and protective systems.


Liquid handling pumps

Our liquid diaphragm pumps are simple in design, durable, and perform their function without the need for flexible tubing or compressed air with their associated drawbacks. These liquid pumps are excellent for either vacuum or pressure applications. They are ideal for low viscosity liquids and can be run dry continuously, without degradation and under the most severe operating conditions without external leakage.

KNF NF 1.300 (pictured right) and NF 1.600 series liquid pumps offer safe transfer of explosive and hazardous liquids for chemical processing, petrochemical refining, and safety-critical applications. Self-priming up to 10 ft H2O, the pumps boast a pressure of 88 psig, flow rates up to 6 L/min, and are powered by 115/230V 60Hz single phase, UL and CSA approved motors. Contamination and maintenance-free, both models are available in corrosion-resistant versions. Click here to view full specs and performance data.


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