Prevent Uncontrolled Flow
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Leak-Tight FL 10 Liquid Transfer Pump Prevents Uncontrolled Flow

The latest addition to KNF's extensive line of diaphragm liquid pumps, the FL 10 transfers aggressive, and even volatile fluids, safely and efficiently.

Integrated Leak-Tight Valve Function

The compact and durable FL 10 diaphragm pump features integrated NC valve technology which prevents uncontrolled flow and back-flow of media when not in use. This unique function prevents liquid from flowing, uncontrolled, through the pump head without the need for additional check valves. 

Smooth Transfer of Volatile Liquids

An integrated resonating chamber enables the FL 10 diaphragm pump to gently transfer liquid media by absorbing pressure peak disruptions.

Linear and Quick Adjustment of Flow Rate

When actively transferring liquid media, the FL 10 transfer pump displaces fluid at a flow rate of 0 - 100 mL/min. Flow rate adjustments are fast and easy thanks to signal frequency modulation. These features greatly simplify integration into your system, thus saving time and money.

Built to Last

Featuring self-priming and dry-run safe operation, the FL 10 liquid transfer pump offers an exceptionally long-lifetime (10,000 hours or 1.8 billion strokes) of maintenance-free operation even when used with aggressive media. Moreover, the pump's IP65 protection can withstand rigorous operating conditions. 

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