New Laboratory Pumps and Equipment from KNF

New Laboratory Pumps and Equipment

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With four new laboratory products built on cutting edge technology, and ergonomic, intuitive designs it's easy to see why KNF is a global leader in pumps and systems for gases and liquids.

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Rotary Evaporation
RC 600
Vacuum Control unit
VC 900

Vacuum pumps
N 920 G

Vacuum Systems
SCC 950


  • Central control unit for all functions

  • Fast and easy flask exchange

  • Automatic flask lift in power outage

  • Operating display of heating bath



  • Control of vacuum application

  • Independent from operating unit

  • Compatible with all lab vacuum sources

  • easy to use



  • 100% oil-free media transfer

  • Integrated gas ballast valve

  • High suction speed, particularly in low vacuum

  • Ideal for aggressive gases or vapors



  • Includes 2 wireless controllers

  • Operates safely outside closed fume hoods

  • Automatic recognition/monitoring of boiling point

  • Chemically-resistant

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