Economical, compact and lightweight vacuum/pressure pump for portable devices

As a partner to equipment manufacturers, KNF introduces a new oil-free swing-piston pump that addresses the demands for a more compact, high performance, and economical solution for portable devices.


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At 103 mm (4.5 in) in length, the new NPK 012 is 30% shorter than other models in its performance class. Even more impressive, the new pump’s weight is a light 600 g, under-cutting other models by half.

Although small, the NPK 012 offers high levels of both vacuum and pressure performance. The vacuum version reaches 25.8 in.Hg (140 mbar abs), has a maximum free flow rate of 13.5 L/min, and can deliver 15 psig continuously. The pressure version delivers up to 36 psig (2.5 bar) of continuous positive pressure, and up to 72 psig (5 bar) during intermittent operation. Both versions can start up against the full vacuum and pressure range, and the brushless DC motor provides excellent custom-fit speed control with low energy consumption. 

The great performance-to-size and price-to-size/performance ratios of the NPK 012 make it well-suited for an array of applications, including medical inhalation therapy devices; sprayers (disinfection, scent dispensing, crop protection); pick-and-place vacuum equipment; and pneumatic actuations.