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KNF is proud to offer a complete line of laboratory pumps and systems for a variety of bench applications. KNF laboratory vacuum pumps provide strong flow, precise control and excellent solvent recovery. KNF liquid lab pumps enable transfer and dosing of even the most corrosive liquids quickly and accurately.

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Vacuum Pumps

KNF's laboratory vacuum pumps are dry-running devices used in a wide range of applications. They transfer, compress and evacuate different types of air, gases and vapors without contamination. These lab vacuum pumps are used for a number of applications including: vacuum distillation, multiflask filtration and gel drying.


View Laboratory Pump Kits and Spare/Replacement Parts

Model Flow rate at
atm. pressure
(mbar absolute)
(bar g)
N 811 KVP 13 down to 100 0.0
N 86 KTP up to 6 down to 100 up to 2.5
N 816.3 KT P 16 down to 15 0.5
N 920 G up to 21 down to 2.0 0.5
N 816.1.2 KT P 30 down to 100 0.5
N 938.50 KT P up to 32 down to 12 0.5