OEM Pumps

As a technology leader, KNF offers OEM gas and liquid pumps that enable design engineers to create high-quality systems and devices across multiple industries. We understand and anticipate the needs of each customer and every environment in which our pumps will perform. Additionally, our modular system allows us to custom-design pumps to meet your specific application requirements using a variety of specialized parts and materials.

Micro Swing Piston Gas Pumps

Swing piston compressors produce oil-free compressed air and vacuum. They evacuate, transfer and compress air without contamination. The KNF swing-piston system offers a higher flow rate than the corresponding diaphragm pumps of the same dimensions.

Model Flow rate at
atm. pressure
(mbar absolute)
NPK 03 KVDC-B4 2.7 250
NPK 03 KVDC 3 250
NPK 04 KVDC Vacuum 3.3 300
NPK 04 KVDC Pressure 3.3 550
NPK 04 KVDC-B Vacuum 3.3 300
NPK 04 KVDC-B Pressure 3.3 550
NPK 04 DC Vacuum
NPK 06 KVDC-B 8 250