More than just a pump

Beyond making quality, well-designed pumps, the people behind our technology are the driving force of our success. It takes a whole team of engineers, manufacturers, and customer support specialists to bring KNF pump technology to life. Consider what sets KNF apart from other pump companies:

  • Sales Engineers. The KNF OEM sales team members are all engineers, bringing technical expertise directly to all customer interactions.

  • Solutions, not just pumps. By understanding customers’ applications and specs, KNF strives to optimize not only our pump, but to also assist customers in optimizing their overall system. Our job is to fit the pump to your application – not the application to a pump. In fact, over 80% of our business involves custom-engineered pump solutions.

  • Right-sized projects. While other companies turn away smaller opportunities, KNF provides application-specific support for large and small OEM projects.

  • Cost-effective balance. KNF assists customers in balancing required performance, product lifetime, and cost.

  • Significant engineering and trouble-shooting support stand behind our field sales team. In fact, customers often send in problematic systems for testing. Whether the issue is related to the pump or some other system component, we’ll provide a full report with analysis and recommendations.

  • Global, long-term support. KNF has many decades-long customer relationships. We are a trusted partner with reliable products that we’ve innovated over time to continuously to serve evolving needs.

  • Strong technical knowledge that goes well beyond pumps. We have broad applications and systems experience. 

A broader range of ability

We see a world of possibilities beyond innovative design. Instead of just focusing on the completed product, we stand by you throughout the entire process. Choosing KNF means you will be supported by an experienced team of engineers, sales, and project managers, collaborating with you to meet complex system specs. We design to ensure application success, addressing challenges you may not even know exist.

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