SIMDOS 02 Laboratory Dosing & Metering Pump
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SIMDOS 02® Laboratory Dosing & Metering Pump

Small, quiet, and durable the SIMDOS® 02 diaphragm dosing pump features a sleek, maintenance-free design, and intuitive operation - ideal for laboratory bench dosing or metering applications.

SIMDOS 02 with Stainless Steel Head Plate
SIMDOS 02 w/ Stainless Steel Head

The KNF SIMDOS® 02 transfers neutral or aggressive liquids with a flow rate of 30 µL to 20 mL/min, and dose volumes of 30 µL up to 999 mL.  Calibration is easy and, once completed, repeatability is +/-1% (full range). Moreover, the SIMDOS® 02 and its bigger brother, the KNF SIMDOS® 10, both offer excellent long-term stability and consistent reliability throughout entire processes.

One of the unique features of KNF pumps is that of a modular design which allows both the KNF SIMDOS® 02 and SIMDOS® 10 to be fitted with a variety of head materials - each designated to meet specific operational requirements. Available head materials include: PTFE, PP, PVDF or Stainless Steel. Additionally, the valves of the SIMDOS® 02 lab dosing pump can be upgraded to FFKM Kalrez® for even more robust chemical-resistance properties.

The SIMDOS® 02 diaphragm lab dosing pump is safe to run dry and is self-priming up to 6.6 ft. water. Effective against pressures of up to 85 psig,  the SIMDOS® 02 transfers viscous media up to 500 centistokes. Integrated software permits the transfer parameters to be modified for a range of different viscosities at the touch of a button. Thanks to its neat design and small footprint, the new SIMDOS® 02 dosing pump takes up very little valuable laboratory space. 

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SIMDOS 02 Features:

  • 0.03-999 mL dosing volumes
  • 0.03-20 mL/min flow rate
  • Simple, intuitive operation
  • Quick and easy calibration
  • Cycle mode
  • Adjustable transfer parameters
  • Adaptive to fluid characteristics
  • Self-priming up to 6.6 ft. water
  • Dry run capable
  • Various control options
  • Splash-proof IP65 housing
  • Small footprint

Pump Accessories:

Diaphragm Pressure Control Valve with support

When the feeding tank is above the pump, or when dosing into vacuum.

Download Operating Manual


Provides protection against any particulates and fibers in the media.

Download Operating Manual

Tubing and Connectors

Replacement tubing and optional outlets for fine dosing.


For use with retort stand.