Custom Designed Pumps

Customized KNF pump configurations are handled as individual projects with an individual number.

KNF uses a sophisticated modular system that enables it to adapt the design of its pumps quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. By combining our pump know-how with the customer's application expertise, we are able to optimize each pump precisely to specific application requirements.

Every product modified to meet specific customer needs is assigned a separate project number. This customer-specific project is then taken as the starting point for defining the pump configuration, test conditions, packaging and other special requirements.

Finally, the fact the project number is allocated to a specific customer means that third parties cannot purchase it without the customer's permission.

configured to meet your specifications

When you're looking to bring your design to life, you need a trusted partner who understands your instrument's key design parameters and pump performance requirements. But where others see just a pump, we see a world of possibilities. It's why KNF's innovators collaborate with you to meet complex system specs, ensure application flexibility and exceed expectations for design challenges - even ones you didn't know existed.

Count on our experienced Engineers to solve complex gas or liquid pump challenges - it's what makes KNF stand out from the rest.

Contact us to discuss a custom-engineered pump solution.


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