VC 900 Vacuum controller

The new VC 900 is a powerful, versatile vacuum control unit that easily integrates with any diaphragm vacuum pump or house vacuum source. The VC 900 gives you comprehensive control over your vacuum pump application – making it simpler, safer and more reliable than ever. Lab personnel can operate the VC 900 vacuum controller using the touch display and rotary/push knob, or via PC by using the mini USB interface. The vacuum controller can be operated in four different modes:


  • Evacuate: a vacuum chamber is evacuated as quickly as possible by means of the vacuum source that is connected to the control unit. If a variable KNF pump is connected to the vacuum controller, the vacuum chamber can be evacuated with variable pump capacity.
  • Pressure Control: The vacuum controller controls the system pressure to the selected value (constant pressure).
  • Automatic: The vacuum controller automatically finds the vapor pressure of the sample and adjusts the process pressure accordingly. (Only if a variable KNF pump is connected to the vacuum controller.)
  • Function: Vacuum is controlled according to a user-entered pressure curve. Up to 10 different pressure curves can be stored.
VC 900 Vacuum Control Unit (click to enlarge)


  • Simple control of vacuum application
  • Compatible with any laboratory diaphragm pump or house vacuum sources
  • Four operating modes
  • Easy-to-use, touch display with intuitive, smart interface

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vacuum controller specs:

Operating Unit

Dimensions WxDxH (mm):

181 x 101 x 67

Measuring Limit:

- upper: 100 mbar abs.
- lower: 0 mbar abs.

Control Unit

Dimensions WxDxH (mm):

155 x 60 x 109

Hose Connections:
- for gas in/out
- for venting

- ID10, PVDF
- ID4, nickel-plated brass