KNF Neuberger supplies a wide range of products, such as diaphragm pumps for gases or liquids, swing piston compressors and vacuum pumps or valves. Maintenance-free and durable, KNF pumps embody the perfect blend of design flexibility, multi-industry experience, and state-of-the-art manufacturing.


  • Comprehensive range of standard pumps for gases, vapors and liquids
  • Modified standard pumps for custom solutions
  • Over 50 years of experience in diaphragm pump technology and in the OEM markets

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  • Comprehensive range of laboratory vacuum and transfer pumps as well as compressors for gases and vapors
  • Extensive range of liquid pumps and metering pumps for laboratory use
  • Variety of vacuum pump systems
  • Chemically-resistant versions in each category for universal use

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  • Chemically-resistant pumps
  • Heated and temperature-resistant pumps
  • ATEX-certified pumps for potentially explosive atmospheres
  • Double diaphragm pumps

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