As a technology leader, KNF offers OEM gas and liquid pumps that enable design engineers to create high-quality systems and devices across multiple industries. We understand and anticipate the needs of each customer and every environment in which our pumps will perform. Additionally, our modular system allows us to custom-design pumps to meet your specific application requirements using a variety of specialized parts and materials.

Solenoid dosing pumps

The FMM range of solenoid powered diaphragm pumps allows easy dosing within the microliter range. By manually adjusting the stroke length, it is possible to alter the single dispense volume and calibrate the dosing pump to fit the system. Lifetime performance for the FMM 80, and FMM 20 are in excess of 500 million and 2 billion strokes, respectively.

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Model Dispense volume at
atm. pressure
US Format
Dosing rate at
atm. pressure
Pressure height
FMM 20 from 5 to 17 up to 15 10
FMM 80 from 30 to 80 up to 48 10