Process Pumps

KNF designs and manufactures diaphragm pumps for sampling, transferring, evacuating and compressing process media for many industrial applications. Our oil-free diaphragm pumps meet discerning engineer's requirements for robust and contamination-free performance under the most challenging and corrosive conditions. Additionally, our modular system allows us to custom-design pumps to meet your specific application requirements.

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ATEX Compliant Pumps

ATEX pumps are designed to prevent internal or external explosions by enclosing parts that could ignite. KNF ATEX-compliant pumps are certified in accordance with the 94/9/EC directive on equipment and protective systems.
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Equipment for Explosive Atmospheres (ATEX) - European Commission references standards on equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.
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Model Flow rate at
atm. pressure
(mbar absolute)
(bar g)
N 87 TTE Ex 7.5 140 1.5
N 726 FTE Ex 13 53 1.5
N 726 FT.29 E Ex from 7 to 13 125 1.5
N 026... .9 E Ex 15 100 2.5
N 026.1.2... .9 E Ex 26 100 2
N 143... .9 E Ex 27 100 4
N 186.1.2... .9 E Ex 48 100 4
N 0150... .9 E Ex 120 115 1
N 0150.1.2... .9 E Ex 220 115 1